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The Bliss Of Technological Advancement

The Bliss Of Technological Advancement

About This Event

As the pandemic continues to succumb to the nation’s population in brutal strokes, the government has been compelled to adopt a prolonged closure of several activities within the economy. Going with the 4th phase of lockdown, we have entered into a new normal which has freed most of the former curbs with resuming of sectoral operations. This time, the nonessential services have gained feat with the moving pace as the majority of the employees have faced job losses for the past few months. From now onwards, the challenge of staying safe would face several additional hurdles due to the sudden kick start. No matter what, things need to be accepted cautiously with the flow of time.

The other side of confinement has witnessed a huge spike in internet penetration within the country. Comparatively, statistical analysis has projected the fact that urban, as well as rural parts of India, remain engrossed in consuming digital medium far more than before. Undoubtedly, social media tops the chart if you consider their viral capabilities. If you throw the question asking who doesn’t prefer to watch stimulating content in their quarantine period, you will hardly find the answer. In fact, it’s the game of relieving emotional stress at a time when our surrounding threatens to pose negative vibes in countless circumstances. Then, we resort to viewing entertaining clips whether online or by resorting to tools like Youtube to mp3 converter that allows us to categorize our visual experience with a personal appeal.

Also, we like to download sorted melodies via an mp3 converter to our phone storage for listening during leisure hours.

Oh, I forgot to mention about Facebook video downloader! Don’t you use it to save funny videos for the later watch? However, just forget about the shadowing anxieties for a moment and try these awesome tools. Believe me, they won’t betray you ever!

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Vedant Kapoor


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