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101 Hot Mens Fashion Style Outfits Ideas to Impress Your Girl

101 Hot Mens Fashion Style Outfits Ideas to Impress Your Girl

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When you discover your eyes staring at her for a long time; you become familiar with her endearing modest gestures that she makes while talking, the moving of hands and fingers, the way to smile, the magnificent expression of her eyes filled with life, the way she pulls her hair behind her ear and what not! Yes man, you have fallen in love. Indeed, it is the time to impress her and make her feel that you are her prince charming. Just as we know that first impression lasts forever, you need to keep in mind that first notion is always your appearance.


You severely need these hot mens fashion style outfits ideas to impress your girl as to make her feel irresistible to stay away from you. Your fashion statement and appealing personality engraved by stunning mens fashion style outfits ideas will fetch her sphere of attention towards you leaving her breathless. Man, the time to celebrate the glory of love and adopt a new trend in fashion is right here just a few clicks apart waiting for this handsome guy to know these sexy mens fashion style outfit ideas.


Wear a shirt with proper fit along with a wool blazer that looks so damn hot and professional. Wear your darling denim pants with classy brown wingtip.

Caesar hairstyle looks great with this sexy autumn outfit being a short and chic hairstyle.


This unique style statement with professional leather handbag is all that you require at the end.


Denim Jackets


A tee with longer length than the denim jacket when worn along with dark colored classy pants of narrow ankle looks fantasizing along with high ankle boots. Tug the tee from front as to show off the buckle of your waist belt thereby refreshing the look with a new fashion statement.




Rubber platform wingtip shoes with cotton socks inside will help you walk with a swag style along with dashing jumpers over your authentic black trousers.

Flaunt off punk hairstyle for a hot vogue else a stylish hat will also look trendy with this outfit.

Waist belt is a must that matches up with your boots in classy leather look for a muscular look.


Leather Jacket


Get a simple tee with a leather jacket over it along with a denim pant which is rolled at the bottom. The most preferable footwear is boots in military look with leather heel. You could define a new stylish trend by wrapping a check shirt around the waist and tying a knot in the front. Don’t forget about accessories – a stylish cross men’s pendant made of silver will become a good addition to your look.


Your killing personality is soon going to experience the sigh of utmost distraction by your girl just as you step into the office in a complete up-to-date office look in classy suit. This outfit is unique because of the distinct color selection that look formal and at the same time trendy. The tie with sober texture and dark color over a collared shirt with coat and pant along with the leather boots that you feel comfortable in. That’s all!


Shirt and Trouser


No need to wear tie and coat along the shirt if it’s too hot. Stay comfortable and sassy by wearing just a collared shirt along with the trouser.

Loafers look too cool with the outfit along with the glasses on your eyes as you walk up to office.

Brown leather belt polished as to make it shine and give you an adorable look. Short spikes hairstyle look thrilling with this outfit.


Semi-formal Outfit


Shirt with a coat over it along with a denim pant for a young personality with an overloaded smartness wearing sexy rubber-heeled loafers looks appealing. If you desire to try a new thing, you may try out blazers with no sleeves. You may also wear a check textured tie with this outfit.


Tee with Blazer


Professional, yet attractive outfit which satisfies, both, the chic trendy look and the demand for professional look. Wear a simple T-shirt along with grey blazer accompanied by denim pant over it. Sport shoes will look great. Else, you may try sneakers along with this outfit too.


Winter or fall, both are fantastic seasons to rock on with this superb outfit to keep you warm while its cold outfit.

How would she stop herself from getting close to the hot you? Your denim pant and a simple tee with cardigan and duffle coat worn over it along with the high ankle boots is all you need to impress her.


Trench Coats


Accompany your professional suit with classy trench coats. If you wish to make a dramatic style, try out an unusual colored pants with rolled bottoms along with wingtip boots. How about trying out a pompadour haircut with this amazing outfit to look stupendously fabulous? Indeed, you must try!


Quilted Jackets


Wear a superb sexy and outfit of the season, quilted jacket over a check shirt over a tee; its winter after all! Hipster pants are a street style these days as it looks cool making girls shiver a bit more this winter.

If you wish to wear ankle length denim pants along with cowboy booties, you may go for it!

Printed Sweaters


Mens Fashion Style Outfits Ideas (3)


Sweaters over shirt, undoubtedly it is a great trend, looks unique when worn along with skinny denim with no slouch in it. The innocent look could be grabbed with this garb by getting a heavy beard and spiky hairstyle. Carry sunglasses to add up the stun to your look infinitely.


Summer Specials


Denim Sleeveless Hoodie


Get an adorable denim sleeveless Hoodie with simple tee shirt with short sleeves along with school boy boots.

No need to wear socks under it as to create a new trend in fashion.


Layered hairstyles will give you a look similar to pop icons. That’s a “yo-yo” kinda look, indeed, a rocking one!


Formal Pants with Tee


Tug your tee inside your formal pants and you just discovered a new man with classic fashion as you stand in front of mirror. Loafers and glasses and hand and watch and wallet and belt and that’s all! These are essential every man must have before steeping out of house.


Harem Pants


A simple tee shirt looks amazing with sexy harem pants. Make sure that the tee shirt is up to waist and not larger than that. It looks great with high ankle boots or the slouchy shoes with leather look. Wear a cap as to protect your face from sun-rays of summer thereby introducing a new style statement.


Denim Shorts


Why should have all the fun of infinite clothing styles? Boys will also flaunt off their incomparable dressing sense with these sexy denim shorts that are shorter than knee length. How about wearing a check shirt tugged in the denim shorts? Well, you may also wear a Hoodie tee with some funky prints on it that are quite famous these days.


Celebrate the Spring


Celebrate the season of flowers by wearing flowers. No, not actually flowers but the floral prints shirt with short sleeves along with the denim in black hue looks miraculous. How about wearing bright colored sneakers with this apparel? You would love wearing metallic platinum watch that your mother might have gifted you.


Shirt over Tee


This is yet another adorable sexy outfit which will suit any men out there. Wear a simple tee with a simple shirt over it. You may also prefer wearing a check shirt over the tee shirt. Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in, preferably sport shoes that look chic and stylish along with being comfortable.


Denim Jacket over Shirt over Tee


It looks unique when someone wears shorts along with the denim jacket over a shirt worn over a tee shirt.

A metallic neck-piece having big pendants in it looks adorable with this outfit.


Wingtips with rubber sole in color that matches somewhere in the outfit are preferable for this summer.

Half Open Shirt with Cotton Shorts


It looks partially like a traditional outfit and partially like a western dress code. The semi-kurta with cotton short pants looks amazing. Go on with sexy brown loafers with the outfit and a get a light beard. Punk hairstyle looks cool with this outfit. Else, you may try tacky curls to grab an enhanced miraculous hairstyle this season.

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