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2014 Games will be Astonishing!

2014 Games will be Astonishing!

About This Event

After the succesful list of 2013 Games will be Awsome!


Right now we are at mid of 2013, but many games are announced for the 2014 year! Lots of games in development, many games that run a kickstarter/indiegogo campaing during 2013 will be delivered at early 2014 at best, and well the classic portion of games from publishing houses and our lovely indie game developers/producers.


it´s pretty early to celebrate the 2014, but we could forsee what games are about to come (and wonder which ones would fit our gaming collections and nourish our gaming groups)


if we are at mid of 2013 is that we got chances of surviving the zombiepocalypse, maybe EL CHOLO from Zombicide or bradd pit world war Z made something to prevent it! zombiezombieninjazombiezombiezombie so let me give you an advice...2014 is coming and we shall prepare our wishlists for upcoming games. (actually we did survived)


Please suscribe to this geeklist because it would be updated frequently.


Previous lists like this helped me a lot to decide which games to WISH to increase effectively my game collections, which ones to buy, etc. I hope this one could help you a bit in your decision (and let you make good unblind choices)


You are invited to add games that will come or are announced to come in 2014, also comment on what up about them. this geeklist is sorted by aphabetical order. help us to keep this going up your effort is appreciated


LET THIS GEEKLIST OUTSTAND THE OLD 2013 Games will be Awsome! with more games, more thumbs/likes and more NEWS! it´s up to you guys!


I shall put EXPANSION to those games who expand previous published games, to separate from first stand alone new games


also stay tunned to the twitter @Calabozocriollo

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