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5 Stair Workouts to Level Up Your Fitness During Isolation

5 Stair Workouts to Level Up Your Fitness During Isolation

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If you’re like us, getting your body moving and keeping your fitness levels in check is the only way your world stays in harmony. And while we’re all urged to shelter in place right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone could use a dose of workout motivation and some clever ideas to shake up their sweat sessions (while still maintaining social responsibilities, of course). Naturally we tapped Instagram for inspiration and found loads of people utilizing stair workouts to get a total-body burn.


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Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite stair workouts. For all of you itching to train outdoors, these workouts are just what you need. After all, your world is what you make of it. Hop to it.


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  1. 1. Speed Play (above)
  2. 2. 6-Move Circuit
  3. 3. Death by Lateral Switch Lunges
  4. 4. Conditioning Burnout
  5. 5. At-Home Sweat Sesh
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