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Aloe vera truly is nature’s gift to the body. As well as having a unique, instantly-recognizable smell that transports the senses to a calm place, aloe vera also has many qualities that can aid both our haircare and beauty regimes.


The benefits of Aloe Vera for your Hair

1) It cleanses oily hair

As well as smelling fantastic, hair care products containing aloe vera will breathe a new lease of life into your hair. By cleansing the follicles and removing unwanted sebum and residue, aloe vera will gently rejuvenate your locks and leave them looking healthier, shinier, and softer.


2) It can encourage hair growth

Did you know that aloe vera has been reported to increase blood circulation to the area that it's applied to?

This means that when applied to the scalp, you may well see that after your scalp has been cleansed and your roots are nourished by aloe vera’s goodness, making it a lot more likely that you’ll find hair loss and hair breakage slow right down.


3) It repairs damaged hair

Aloe vera is full of all the things that deliver vitality to your hair. Namely vitamins A, C and E - all three of which are key contributors to the healthy cell growth necessary to encourage shiny hair.

Is your hair suffering from too much sun? Good news, aloe vera is high in collagen which gives it cooling properties that many believe work well to repair sun-damaged hair.

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