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Frequently Asked Questions  

Here you will find common Questions about the site and their Answers.


Q. What is the ‘Add Activity’ button for?


A. If you have a business which gives someone something to do, you can add it to Boredom Solved database for the public to see Free of charge. However, you can make it more visible by paying a small fee to be posted on the main page for a set number of days.


Q. What is the ‘Submit Idea’ Button for?


A. If you have an idea for something to do, share it here!  Ideas will be shown towards the bottom of the page.


Q. Why is my location an option?


A. If you put your location in, you will get a more accurate list of activities in accordance to your location.


Q. What’s that logo supposed to be?


A. The idea behind this was to have an animal which had a bored expression on its face. Eventually, this became a sloth leaning on a stump.


Q. What’s the subscribe button for?


A. This is to receive newsletters about new information and updated to the site.


Q. Why should I make an account?


A. Making an account will allow you to save all your favourite activities in one convenient location at the click of a button for you to come back to later. You can also give star ratings and leave comments and pictures about the activity.


Q. Why should I follow the social media?


A. Daily posts on deals, apps, activities and many other activities can be found via our Facebook or Twitter profile.


Q. Can I type anything into the search box?


A. Anything can be typed into the search box. With daily activities being added to the website, you are bound to find an activity to match your searches.


Q. How do refunds work?


If you are not satisfied with your purchase for a spot on the website, you can request a full refund by contacting us.

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