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10 best online food delivery apps in London that can deliver meal instantly to your doorstep in 2019

10 best online food delivery apps in London that can deliver meal instantly to your doorstep in 2019

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Nowadays, we get everything including clothes, furniture, packages and even food delivered right to our doorsteps. There is no denying that getting food delivered to your home at any time is quite easier than before in the current technologically advanced era. This is possible with the incredible on-demand delivery apps that are just a swipe away.


As we depend on mobile apps for all types of tasks, e-commerce companies have started making use of the trend. Given that a majority of the urban population does not have enough time to prepare meals at home due to their competitive and hectic lifestyle, they are looking for options that will let them order food online. Basically, food delivery apps have made the lives of people much easier.

Food delivery services are an incredible disruptor in the food industry. And, are beneficial for both the sellers and customers. Without further ado, we have listed 10 food delivery apps in London as sourced from Dealroom.



Founders: Greg Orlowski, William Shu

Funding: €1.3 billion


Deliveroo is a food delivery unicorn that has witnessed rapid growth since its launch in 2013. Recently, Deliveroo received €515 million funding from Amazon to focus on building a world-class service, which will deliver food, offer more work for the riders and help restaurants reach new customers. The food delivery service uses machine learning algorithms to estimate the time taken to prepare a meal and optimise routes for delivery thereby reducing the delivery time by 20%.



Founders: James Carter, Timo Boldt

Funding: €85.4 million


Founded in 2012, Gousto offers a collection of over 30 recipes per week on its platform. The company delivers superior quality meals to make sure people have healthy and home-cooked meals on the go. As of now, this company delivers over one million meals in the UK per month.


Just Eat

Founders: Jesper Buch, Laurens Groenendijk, Marc Wesselink, Martijn Rozendaal, Per Meldgaard

Funding: €66 million


Just Eat is a leading global food delivery marketplace founded in 2000. The company provides convenient and easy access to a selection of delivery restaurants for online food order. Just Eat operates with local items available in the market. Last year, the company acquired Flyt, a restaurant software platform.


Butternut Box

Founders: David Nolan, Kevin Glynn

Funding: €24.9 million


Butternut Box is a fresh food delivery startup aimed to service dogs. The company founded in 2016 has produced over 8 million means for dogs across the UK and has witnessed a whopping 700% growth in revenue. The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and portioned as per the breed, weight, exercise regime and gender of the dog before delivering the parcel to customers.



Founders: Ben Patten, Ben Pugh, Ned Staple

Funding: €21.3 million


Farmdrop is an ethical online supermarket delivering fresh groceries from a network of sustainable food producers. Founded in 2012, the company uses technology to achieve a fairer and simpler food system, which lets customers get tastier food and producers get a fairer share of the generated profits. The company aims to fix the food chain by being the greenest and healthiest service in the UK.


Mindful Chef

Founders: Giles Humphries, Myles Hopper, Robert Grieg-Gran

Funding: €10.8 million


Mindful Chef is a health-based food delivery service that debuted in 2014. The company has already delivered over one million meals in the UK via recipe boxes. The success of Mindful Chef to be successful is the use of high-quality ingredients. Notably, for every meal that is sold, the company donates a school meal to the underprivileged ones living in poverty.



Founders: Oli Ashness

Funding: €9.7 million


SimplyCook is an online food delivery business founded in 2013. The company operates with the vision to make it easy to cook new meals by providing a unique product catalogue. This is a unique product that will fit in people even with a busy lifestyle.



Founders: Benn Hodges

Funding: €7.3 million


EatFirst was started with the mission to create the finest ready meals in the world. The gourmet meals are cooked by award-winning chefs and are sustainable and healthy without anything artificial. It was founded in 2014 and started serving businesses in 2016 by delivering healthy and delicious food to meeting rooms in reusable boxes.



Founders: Alexander Brunst, Stephan Grund, Susannah Belcher

Funding: €6 million


CaterWings is an online marketplace that lets you easily order professional catering from best vendors and restaurants. The company provides meal plans, afternoon drinks, team lunches, large and small-scale events and more. It has teamed up with 880 best restaurants and caterers. This is a new company targeting the B2B catering industry. It is a part of Rocket Internet, a Germany startup and has expanded to London last year.


Zing Zing

Founders: Joshua Magidson

Funding: €3 million


Founded in 2013, Zing Zing is a Chinese food delivery startup. The company uses the freshest ingredients and does not use any added chemicals. The dishes delivered by this company have become household names and have the unique taste of authentic flavours.

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