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15 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

15 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

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As a mom, I’m obsessed with multitasking. Anytime I can accomplish two things at once, I consider it a win. Fun, educational activities for kids fall into this category.


Combining fun and learning is like hitting a parenting home run. Your kids enjoy themselves while keeping themselves occupied. You get to give yourself a pat on the back rather than feel guilty because your kids are learning, not staring mindlessly at a television, while you’re free to do other things. Prefer to be more hands-on? These activities for kids are even more fun and educational when you lend the kids a hand!


Here are 15 fun educational activities for kids that your children will love.


Educational Activities for Kids

Whether you want your kids to learn about physical science or engineering, you’ll find plenty of educational activities for kids in the list below to stimulate their minds.


1. Water Cycle Bag

This water cycle in a bag activity from Play Dough to Plato takes just a few items that you already have on hand. Kids will love watching the water evaporate and turn back into liquid.


2. Crystal Names

Another really fun activity from Play Dough to Plato is to create Crystal Names and letters using Borax and pipe cleaners.


3. Sky Blue Experiment

If your child has ever asked you “Why is the Sky Blue?” you can help them understand with this Sky Blue Experiment from Rookie Parenting .


4. Crawling Colors

There are plenty of ways to show kids how primar colors combine to create new colors, but this Crawling Colors from Parenting Chaos is one of the most fun!


5. Sand Volcano

Turn your next trip to the beach into a learning opportunity by making a Sand Volcano. Thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the great tutorial!


6. Magnetic Slime

Combine two of the things that kids find the most fascinating – magnet and slime! – and make this Magnetic Slime. Frugal Fun 4 Boys walks you through the simple steps to make it.


7. Secret Code Activities

Kids love to pretend they are secret agents. Help your child create this Simple Decoder and they’ll be busy for hours writing secret messages! What Do We Do All Day shows you exactly how to make your own.


8. Spy Decoder

If your kids love the simple dercoder above, here’s another Spy Decoder from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.


9. Jewelry Coding

Learning how to code computers can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Mama Smiles shows you how to help your kids learn to Code Their Names in Jewelry.


10. LEGO Challenges

For kids who love to play with LEGOS, print off these LEGO Challenge Cards from The Stem Laboratory to stimulate their building skills.


11. Paper Building Blocks

Of course you don’t need building bricks to build. Babble Dabble Do shows you how to make Paper Building Blocks that are as fun to make as they are to build with.


12. Straw Buildings

You can also think beyond building bricks by Building with Straws. Lemon Lime Adventures shares lots of fun straw construction ideas.


13. Pom Pom Drop

With just 3 simple items you can create a Pom Pom Drop game. Coffee Cups and Crayons shows you how.


14. Egg Drop Challenge

You can also create your own Egg Drop Challenge at home. Get tips and a free printable planning sheet from Buggy and Buddy.


15. Exploding Boomerangs

Finally, gather up your craft sticks and create these Exploding Boomerangs (think “totally safe ninja stars”). I Can Teach My Child walks you through the simple process.


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