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17 Easy Spring Outfit Ideas That Fashion Girls Always Come Back To

17 Easy Spring Outfit Ideas That Fashion Girls Always Come Back To

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What is it about easy outfit ideas that are just so hard to come by? Perhaps it's when we get swayed by trends or simply have too many options in a bursting wardrobe to think clearly (see our ways to clear out a wardrobe if you're really struggling on this point). Either way, we all have those days where getting dressed is a chore. So rather than get in a tizzy and find ourselves 45 minutes late for work (and still hating what we've chosen), our team has decided to compile a list of easy outfit ideas for us to all reference in the future—and we'd very much like to share them with you. They are the foolproof looks that work without being too much of a challenge or causing morning hysteria.


So the next time you're entirely bored of your closet, just revisit the looks below and see what you've got to play with. Should your rails be lacking in a particular area and you'd like to remedy it, we've also found the perfect shopping options to re-create these influencer-approved outfits.


Style Notes: Sometimes, there's nought better than a pretty top worn with plain jeans and a trusty pair of heels. Works for day or night.


Style Notes: It's the ultimate in "looking sophisticated but feeling entirely comfortable": a slinky silk slip dress and easy-to-slide into mules. Works at home, on holiday and for parties.


Style Notes: This is the kind of trusty look you can pull out on a summer's day during any given year and feel timeless in.


Style Notes: Puff sleeves are one of this season's hottest dress details. Wear yours with low heels to balance out the glamour.


Style Notes: Co-ords, the instant outfit you should never be without. In the winter, they're great in knitted fabrics, but in the summer, it's fun to play with pastel shades and lighter fabrics. Retro accessories optional, but desirable.


Style Notes: Love dressing to a theme? Then book a trip to Spain and take your cue from Jessie in this adorable summer look.


Style Notes: Especially effective when you need to get ready in a hurry, all Monikh's jumpsuit needs to look cool is a pair of black leather sandals and a basket bag.


Style Notes: Look like you've put all the effort into styling your outfit by wearing a pair of bold earrings with your most directional top, just like Elif.


Style Notes: It's the kind of simple combination you could easily overlook, but you'll never be let down by a smart shirt dress and city-ready sneaks.


Style Notes: This skirt shape is always fun to wear but does veer into '50s dress-up territory, so fashion girls tend to steer away from anything to retro to wear it with.


Style Notes: If dresses make up the majority of your wardrobe, make them feel all the more laid-back by simply adding a pair of cowboy boots.


Style Notes: Want to wear that short hemline but don't want to feel OTT for spring? Add a longer-line blazer in and you'll feel instantly more demure.


Style Notes: Again, if you find yourself wearing the same pair of jeans on rotation, mix things up with some white denim, much like Karina has done.


Weekday Rowe Extra High Straight Jeans (£40)

Style Notes: I know it's obvious, but sometimes the plainest and most understated outfits really are the best. Look for the perfect fit in your jeans and tee, then you can accessorise however you want.


Style Notes: Last summer was dominated by beige, and it looks like this season will be no different. Seek out every possible shade you can, wear them together and add a smattering of gold and pearl jewellery. Done.


Style Notes: Alex knows that a surefire way to give every outfit a cool edge is by layering an oversize denim jacket over the top. Oh, and Vans or Converse won't go amiss either.


Style Notes: Fast becoming a surprising summer go-to, a tailored short suit is high up on the shopping list for many girls this summer. Shorter hemlines often look chicest with mid-heel or flat shoes.



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