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20 Apps for Kids Who Think Reading Is Boring

20 Apps for Kids Who Think Reading Is Boring

About This Event

There are lots of ways to read: Some kids love comic books and graphic novels, while others yearn for the next 900-page novel in a favorite series. Your kid may tell you reading is boring, but they are reading something, even if it's articles on social media. Whether it's just not your kid's jam or getting through a book is truly difficult, there are apps that are innovative and involve reading. Sometimes little kids just need a wide selection to find the perfect thing, and bigger kids are often into the offbeat or inventive. Others might love a game with reading built right in. Take your pick from these apps, and see if you can turn any spark of interest into a wildfire.


  1. HOMER Reading: Learn to Read
  2. Epic! - Kids' Books and Videos
  3. Farfaria Storybooks - Library of Children's Books and Read Along With Me Stories
  4. Skybrary – Kids Books & Videos
  5. uKloo
  6. SwapTales: Leon!
  7. The Famous Five Adventure Game
  8. Amazon Rapids
  9. Bookout -- Reading made better
  10. Marvel Hero Tales
  11. Weirdwood Manor
  12. Word Runners - Touch Press Games
  13. Funny Phonemes — Slang Fest!
  14. Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are
  15. DEVICE 6
  16. The Westport Independent
  17. Mission X: Hidden Island
  18. LongStory
  19. Tap - Chat Stories & Funny Texts by Wattpad
  20. WEBTOON - Find Yours
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