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37 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

37 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

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1 Story Stones

Here’s a fun activity kids can enjoy down at the beach with a single pack of acrylic paint pens that is sure to keep little hands busy for hours. Follow our blog post, How to Make Story Stones, to find out how you can use this technique to make a creative storytelling game. Great for passing the time on a lazy beach day!


2. Ladybird Pet Rocks

2. While you’re at it, you could paint up these fab stones by following the blog post How to Make Ladybird Pet Rocks. A great way to remind you of your seaside trip!


3. Dinosaur Fossils

Make some fun dinosaur fossils by using all of the dinosaurs stashed in the toy box! Follow the tutorial by Rainy Day Mum to create your own, and hide them around the garden to create your own exciting archaeological expedition!


4. Printed Tote Bag

Follow How to Print Using Self Adhesive Foam on the Hobbycraft blog to see this super easy stamp printing craft for kids and adults to do together. Once you’ve made the stamps you can use them again and again on a variety of papers and fabrics.


5. Sandcasting

Some lovely ideas over at Crafts by Amanda for Sandcasting on the beach with Plaster of Paris – a fun activity to have up your sleeve for when the kids get tired of the sea.


6. Sand volcano

Making a sand volcano is tons of fun for kids! You can easily set this Sand Volcano by Rosie and Jewel up at the beach or right in your sandpit.


7. Cardboard Binoculars

Follow How to Make Cardboard Tube Binoculars to find out how you can recycle and transform cardboard tubes into the ultimate adventuring tool! What things can you see through your binoculars in the garden?


8. Dream Jars


Create your own dream jars and explore hidden corners of the garden! Find out how by following the How to Make Dream Jars blog post on the Hobbycraft blog. Fill with an LED tealight to light the way – who knows what magical creatures you might find?!


9. Teepee

Have fun in the sun with your little ones with this fantastic ready-to-decorate, Teepee Play Tent The kit contains a plain canvas teepee, canvas rope and five wooden poles for you and the kids to build your very own quirky wigwam.



10. Vibrant Teepee

For teepee, inspiration try this fab idea by Little Button Diaries.


11. Outdoor Bug Game


This Outdoor Bug Game by Laura and Tia at Little Button Diaries » is very simple to make, requires very few materials and is two games in one! You can either lay twigs out on the floor for a buggy version of naughts and crosses, or place the bug box on the lawn to see who can toss the most bugs in the hole.


12. Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a great way to teach kids about wildlife and how we can make positive steps towards welcoming nature back into our gardens. This project by Tonya Staab shows how a bird feeder can easily be constructed out of lollipop sticks!


13. DIY Water Fight Kit

This DIY Water Fight Kit idea by Inner Child Fun » is a fun way to surprise family and friends with a little treat in the heat! Included is a a free printable label for easy gift-giving too. You kids will love dunking the sponge bombs into buckets of water to throw to each other for games of catch, and the sponges can be used over and over again with minimal amounts of water — perfect for the resource-conscious!


14. Medals

All you need to make these super Winning Medals by Aisha Green is jam jar lids, glitter and cardboard. Best of all, make them in the garden and you’ll not be picking glitter from the carpet for weeks!


15. Skipping Rope

Create your very own skipping rope by using a finger knitting technique explained simply within our blog post, How to Finger Knit a Skipping Rope! A crafty, fun, and healthy way to spend a day.


16. Bubbles

Be a bubble-wizard with this fabulous Wand A Bubble wand – Simply fill up the bottle, dip in the wand, pull out and wave it about! Great fun for the whole family, get stuck into bubble-blowing and make the most out of outdoor activities!


17. Sand play

Get their hands dirty with a Sand and Water Play Table! Create mini sandcastles and shapes in your own back garden with this exciting table set, designed to perfectly capture the fun of the beach.


18. Rainbow Bubbles

A great idea from Katie SG at Gifts of Curiosity – grab a small plastic pool that you can fill up with water and mix it up a bit with washable paint to make these awesome rainbow bubbles. Bound to be a huge hit with the kids!


19. Painted Umbrella

As it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, how about decorating your very own umbrella using fabric paints? Follow the How to Make a Painted Umbrella the Hobbycraft blog to find out how to make your own.


20. Kids Activity Easel

Splash it scribble it splodge it and dribble it! This Kids 3-in-1 Activity Easel is perfect for your budding little artist –kids will love this place to play, and so will you, because hey; clean up is easier outside.


21. Friendship Bracelets

Feeling nostalgic? Learn to make your own Friendship Bracelets out of embroidery thread. Friendship bracelets are like THE best bezzie declaration ever! Go old school with a stripes bracelet, or get in the now with a chevron design.


22. Mosaic

The Kids’ Mosaic Kits are a fab way to make a decorative piece of art. Containing everything you need to craft your slab – perfect to make a keepsake of the summer.


23. Pavement Chalk

From setting up hopscotch to creating sensational street art, colourful Pavement Chalk » is perfect for summer holiday activities! Once finished, simply wash away with water and start again.


24. Cardboard Houses

These Cardboard Playhouses » are great for building and encouraging imaginative play. Your little artists can have lots of fun colouring in the illustrations included on the outer walls, and then have make believe fun once completed!


25. Fairy Garden

Your little ones can make magic in their own garden this summer by creating their own fairy garden. Follow How to Make a Fairy Garden on the Hobbycraft blog for a guide of how to make the above!


26. Turtle Herb Planter

How cute is this Turtle Herb Planter by Reading Confetti? The outside is painted in green acrylic paint, with pom poms for the legs and head, and finished with googly eyes.


27. Leaf Rubbing

This Leaf Rubbing idea » uses leaves found around you garden to make pretty pictures. Place the leaves under a sheet of coloured A3 paper and gently rub wax crayons over each leaf until you can see the impression come through.


28. Obstacle Course

This nature obstacle course idea by Under the Sycamore » is perfect for those looking for something a bit more adventurous to do with their kids. Just dirt, mud and competition. Great for getting them energised and healthy.


29. Nature Bingo

This fab FREE Nature Hunt Bingo printable by Bitz N’ Giggles will get your family out and about, exploring, identifying, appreciating and loving all that nature has to offer!


30. Mud Alphabet activity

This sensory and play-based Mud Alphabet activity by Nicolette from Wilder Child is fun to experiment with for your little one to help them learn their ABCs.


31. Forest Foraging

Here’s a fantastic outdoor art idea from The Nurture Store that makes great use of loose parts found in a forest: clay faces on tree trunks!


32. Leaf Threading

Get the kids engaged with nature, be creative and develop their motor skills and this All Natural Leaf Threading activity by The Mud Kitchen that ticks all the boxes!


33. Weed Weaving

For a real conversation-starter with your kids around weaving (what’s a weft and what’s a warp, after all?) Try this amazing Weaving with Weeds By using just the branches of two trees to create a loom, and sticks and greenery you can have fun creating this amazing work of art together.


34. Daisy Footprint

We are all encouraged to work out our environmental footprint, but have you ever considered your impact on daisies? Luckily they are tough little flowers that seem to withstand people treading on them. These Daisy Footprints are a nice maths activity is to find out how many daisies you can stand on, with one foot.


35. Nature Brushes

Make simple paintbrushes from nature and see what painty patterns you can create. These Nature Paint Brushes by Messy Little Monster are all about the process – get outside, go on a nature walk, collect lots of interesting pieces of nature and then get painting!


36. Colour Matching Game

Get out in the garden classroom today, enjoying some outdoor learning with this Colour Matching game from Nurture Store It’s very easy setup and lets you explore lots of different natural materials for some sensory learning.


37. Jungle Potion

Create your own Jungle themed potion by collecting bits from your garden


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