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7 Adorable Animal Cafes Worth Visiting In The UK

7 Adorable Animal Cafes Worth Visiting In The UK

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Love animals? Love coffee? Combine the two with a visit to one of the UK’s most adorable animal cafés. Ever since Shoreditch’s Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened its doors in 2014, the animal café trend has continued to grow, resulting in all sorts of feline and canine-havens popping up across the UK. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise – us Brits love our animals, with 12 million (44 percent) of all UK households having a pet, according to the RSPCA.

Ideal for animal lovers, owners, or those with busy lifestyles who cannot have their own pet, animal cafés are the (purr)perfect solution. Find one near you with our guide to the most adorable animal cafés in the UK.

As the UK’s longest-running cat café, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has got the animal café concept down to a tee; a cat-tastic refuge complete with cozy dreamlike interiors, countless cat toys and delightful drinks and sweets (for the humans). Book in for a spot of afternoon tea – think Battenburg cakes, fluffy raisin scones, and finger sandwiches – whilst interacting with the cafe’s family of fluffy rescue cats, from sibling kittens Mountolive and Balthazaar to Del-Boy who likes to lounge high up on the shelves.Whether you have a pup or not, everyone is welcome to the Pup Up Café. The canine-inspired organisation hosts breed-specific and ‘open to all’ dog events across the UK, transforming regular cafés into pup paradise. Their Daschund Café’s have been taking social media by storm, in which up to 50 adorable sausage dogs (and owners) come together for tasty treats, unlimited puppuccinos, competitions – best dressed! – with plenty of tunnels and toys for the pups to play with. Don’t miss their Pug and Frenchie pop-ups too!

Dog And Scone, Newcastle

Described as ‘heaven for dog lovers’, Newcastle’s Dog and Scone welcomes guests to come delight in teas and treats – from hot toasties to warm scones, iced coffees and white chocolate milk – alongside their eight darling resident dogs, from Yuki the Yorkshire Terrier to Noodle the longhaired mini dachshund.

Honing in on the therapeutic effects felines can have on humans, Bristol’s first ever cat café, You & Meow provides a wellbeing centre of sorts for both their guests and resident cats – or ‘zen masters’ – to step away from the fast-moving world and relax. Japanese garden-inspired interiors generate a tranquil and calming ambience in which visitors can interact and learn from, what the café describes as ‘the companionship of the most intuitive beings.

Pug Café

The ultimate in pop-up pug events, the Pug Café tours the UK hosting brunches, lunches and beyond for dog lovers, owners and their precious pups to attend. But don’t be deceived by the name – the team also hosts an array of other breed specific events, including a Daschund, Frenchie and Cockapoo Café.

Though this homey Aberdeen coffee shop isn’t explicitly an animal cafe, it is inspired and named after a dog; more specifically a gorgeous sausage dog named Big Gav. Now he is joined by a beautiful second sausage, Linda. Ever since its inception, the café has welcomed and encouraged pups of all shapes and sizes to come in and enjoy the cafe’s cosy interiors, whilst their humans indulge in the likes of sausage softies and avocado toast. Check out their adorable instagram to see which lucky pups have recently been visiting.

Cat Café, Manchester

Inspiring Brits to ‘be more cat’, the Cat Café in Manchester knows all about the benefits of human and cat companionship; reduced stress, better sleep, therapeutic purrs, the list goes on. Escape the urban jungle and join the café’s beautiful family of felines for a remedial afternoon of petting and purring.

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