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Dinner Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Dinner Dating Do’s and Don’ts

About This Event

The UK may be a nation renowned for its good graces, but our latest research has discovered that bad table manners and poor dinner date decorum may be costing British singles their chances of a second date.

A whopping 88 percent British singles told us that their date’s table manners and choice of food could make or break for the success of their date.* We want to help the nation looking for love on dating sites increase their chances of dinner date success, so we’ve asked our relationship expert Kate Taylor for some advice about dinner date do’s and don’ts.

Kate says: “This research isn’t meant to make you panic about holding your knife the wrong way on a date! Instead, it’s helpful, positive research to unlock the secret of making every dinner-date go well. From our survey, I’ve created my definitive guide to the Dos and Don’ts of eating out. These tips will help you secure a second date, and hopefully many more.”


Dinner Date Dos

  • DO concentrate more on conversation than food. Having sparkling banter can make up for the most disappointing food, but not vice versa.
  • DO compliment your date on their choice of restaurant. They’ll take it (maybe irrationally) personally if you hate it. Find something to compliment, even if it’s just that you like the napkins.
  • DO be charming to the waiting staff. Your date will judge you on how you treat other people, and rudeness will leave them cold.


Dinner Date Don’ts

  • DON’T scour the menu for hours, leaving your date sitting in silence. If you’re a fussy eater or have allergies, research the menu online first so you can decide in advance what to eat, leaving you more time to chat on the date.
  • DON’T criticise your companion’s choice of food. “You’re not really going to order THAT, are you?” is about the least attractive thing you could say. You’re not their parent! Similarly, don’t go on and on about your own eating habits. You’re vegan – good for you. Please let your date enjoy their rare steak in peace.
  • DON’T drink to excess. Combined with a heavy meal, the after-effects of too much alcohol could be messy, and unattractive. Pace yourself, and make use of the free water.
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