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Healthy Drink Recipes

Healthy Drink Recipes

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Tomato-Vegetable JuiceGreen SmoothieBlueberry-Cabbage Power JuiceCreamsicle Breakfast Smoothie

Healthy Juice Recipes and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Boost your fruit and vegetable intake with these healthy smoothie recipes and healthy juice recipes.

Anti-Inflammatory Golden TonicApple Cider Vinegar TonicHerbal Chamomile Health TonicHealthy Gut Tonic with Chia

Homemade Tonic Recipes to Give Your Health a Boost

Need a health boost? Try one of these easy drink recipes. Whether you just need a way to unwind and relax, looking for probiotic pick-me-up or have a sore throat to soothe, we have a tonic for you from hot teas to refreshing bubbly beverages.


Café Vaquero

This is what you get when a Mexican and a hipster foodie go camping together. The Mexican brings cinnamon and piloncillo, a dark unrefined sugar, for café de olla. The hipster brings fancy coffee and carefully monitors the temperature of the water. No filter necessary.


Classic Mai Tai

A traditional mai tai is an easy-to-make cocktail made up of two kinds of rum, orange liqueur, lime juice and almond syrup. If you don't happen to have all those goodies just hanging out in your kitchen cupboards, we'll show you how to make a slight variation that is just as delicious.


Whipped White Russian

If you're craving an on-trend whipped coffee that you can enjoy during happy hour, this not-too-sweet whipped White Russian is for you! This lighter recipe uses less sugar and substitutes milk for cream without sacrificing creaminess, thanks to the fluffy coffee whip on top.


Maple Whiskey Sour

If you're looking for an easy happy hour recipe, but feeling a little limited on ingredients, we've got a bit of good news: you don't have to have a fully stocked bar to turn out a delicious whiskey sour. Hopefully, you've got a little whiskey or bourbon lying around, a bit of maple syrup and fresh citrus. And if you're really looking to elevate your beverage, add some aquafaba to the mix. While not necessary, it stands in for the traditional egg white to create a lovely layer of foam at the top.


The Bee's Knees Cocktail

The Bee's Knees is a classic Prohibition cocktail that blends the crisp, botanical flavor of gin with bright citrus and the soft floral notes of honey. This cheery spring cocktail is made with simple ingredients you likely have in your pantry, making it a great happy hour option when you don't want to make a special trip to the store.


Boozy Hot Chocolate Board

Come in from the cold to this fun and festive hot chocolate board! For the adults, spike this rich and decadent hot chocolate with your favorite sweet liqueur and garnish with your favorite toppings. For hands-off prep, make the hot chocolate in your slow cooker.

Bourbon-Cherry SeltzersWake-Up SmoothieFrozen HorchataWatermelon Slush

See It, Make It: Healthy Drinks

Add some thirst-quenching pizzazz to summer with these refreshing drinks. Ready-made beverages often come loaded with calorie-packed high-fructose corn syrup and unwanted additives. In contrast, these healthy drink recipes, including smoothie recipes, iced coffee recipes, bloody Mary recipes, margarita recipes and more easy cocktails, are a cinch to make in a blender, a pitcher or right in the glass, and deliver a nutrition bonus as well.

Cucumber-Mint SpritzerCranberry-Orange PunchBasil LemonadeVirgin Layered Strawberry-Mango Margaritas

Easy Mocktail Ideas for Celebrating without Alcohol

Our nonalcoholic cocktail recipes are sparkly, fun and packed with fresh flavor. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, kids birthday party or looking for a festive way to celebrate without alcohol, try our easy mocktail ideas that everyone can enjoy.


Beet-Infused Gin & Tonic

Roasted beets add earthy sweetness to this riff on a summer classic from Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar in Duluth, Minnesota. You'll end up with a big batch of infused gin for easy gin and tonics down the road. Experiment as you will--its earthy flavor plays nicely with bitters and amaros in other cocktails.


Frozen Key Lime Pie Margaritas

This frozen margarita was inspired by the flavors of a cool and creamy Key lime pie. Whip up a batch of these easy frozen margaritas for Cinco de Mayo or anytime you want a sweet and refreshingly tart treat! Use Key limes--which have a wonderful floral aroma and flavor--if you can find them, but common limes work as well. Freshly squeezed juice will have the best flavor, but you can also find bottled Key lime juice--just be sure to buy unsweetened juice if you go for packaged juice. If you prefer a mocktail, simply replace the tequila with water.


Vegan Whipped Coffee

No matter whether you're feeling nutty, sowing your oats or going coconuts, you can still enjoy the whipped coffee trend. The fluffy coffee drink, also known as dalgona coffee, is just as flavorful when made with any nondairy milk. Pick your favorite dairy alternative and vegan sugar and give it a whirl. Serve over ice, if desired, for an even more refreshing beverage.


Whipped Coffee Mochaccino

If you love the whipped coffee trend that's taken the internet by storm, you'll love this mochaccino version of the beverage. Use any milk you like, including any flavored nondairy milks, and stir it together before drinking to enhance the mocha taste of the drink. This version is lower in sugar than the standard whipped coffee, but feel free to add 1 extra tablespoon sugar if it's not sweet enough for you.


Watermelon Juice

Clean and simple, it just takes a blender to whip up this DIY watermelon juice. You can enjoy this refreshing drink with no added sugar on its own, or jazz it up with one of our variations (see below).

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