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About This Event

The skatepark at House of Vans, nestled in the arches underneath Waterloo station, is a brilliant free space just a short walk from Southbank. The park itself has a great bowl for the more experienced rider, with extensions and door gaps. Then a concrete mini ramp, again with a variety of extensions. Finally a small street style section, with a hub ledge, ledge with the steep bank and a great unique wavy bank.

Sessions are two hours long, free but ticketed to limit the numbers to stop it getting too busy. 66 space for skate sessions and 30 for BMX sessions. It's best to book online and also print off the insurance disclaimer and have these ready when you get there.

The park is undercover, lit, and very well looked after, which is rare in Greater London, let alone this central. The wider venue has a great cafe, lockers, toilets, art gallery space, and a gig venue. It's all not a pop-up so there's no need to rush, the park is going to be here for at least 3-5 years.

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