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How to Create a Free Website (for Kids)

How to Create a Free Website (for Kids)

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If you're a kid and you want to have a website, don't give up on that dream. Many kids already have websites that are free and easy to make. Here are some suggested ways to make your own.


Method 1: Using Bravenet

Choose a site host. For simplicity's sake, try using This site has lots of easy-to-use web tools to get you started.


Make an account. An adult should help you with this, especially reading the terms and conditions and agreeing to these. Once it is created, log in (and keep your password very safe).


Click the "websites" tab that is running along the top. Click next on "build a website". Be sure to check the sub domain so that you don't have to pay.


Enter the title of your web page. Make it a good name now, because you can't change it later. Next, press "create".


Click "web templates". This will help you build your site easily and efficiently. Press browse gallery and pick a design you like.


Click "Text/Visual Editor". Then go to the visual editor and right click on your page name. Press edit with visual editor. Next, make all the changes you want to your site.


Save your site. Now tell all your friends about it!


Method 2: Using Weebly

Go to


Put your full name in full name part. Make a secure password and keep it that way. Add any other details needed.

Be sure to have an adult help you with this part, including reading all the terms and conditions, and agreeing to these


Upgrade if needed. A parent or guardian will need to agree to this and make any necessary payment. In which case, it stops being free, so be careful about this.


Start to customize your website. Follow the site prompts for making your first page. Use Weebly's FAQs if you're not sure what the elements do.


Publish your website. And tell all of your friends about it by sending them a link.

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