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Learn How to Get Started in the Fashion Industry

Learn How to Get Started in the Fashion Industry

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Do you have a love for art? Have you always had a strong interest in what you wear and in designing your clothing, shoes, and accessories? Do you love helping others make choices about what they wear and how to match their accessories to help them look great?


Do you possess determination and strong communication and interpersonal skills that will help you be proactive in your job search and successful on the job? If you answered yes to all of the above, you might be a person who has a flair for fashion and an interest in pursuing an internship or career in this highly competitive industry.



Finding an Exciting and Sexy Career in the Fashion Industry

At first, glance, getting a job in the fashion industry seems like an exciting and sexy career. It also may seem that there’s a lot of money to be made in a career in fashion especially if you have dreams of becoming the next Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, or Donna Karan. The romantic notion of a fashion career or of becoming the next big fashion designer needs to be tempered with the hard work and dedication it takes to become successful in the field.



If you have the determination, the talent, and the willingness to do what it takes to become successful, it’s time to think of ways to get exposure and experience in the field and get yourself started. Fashion internships are competitive and to get a position with a major well-known designer or company you will have to prove yourself and show that you have what it takes.


Getting a Job

In addition to an artistic flair and an interest in fashion, individuals pursuing a career in the industry need to possess certain skills to be able to promote and get themselves started. Above the technical skills and training you receive at a fashion school, you will need to learn how to network like a pro to get entry-level fashion jobs after graduation.


Training and Qualifications

Since there are so many different types of jobs in the fashion industry, a wide range of skills is required based on the type of job one is looking to get. To become a fashion designer, you must be extremely artistic and possess a great deal of creativity to be successful and stand up against the competition.


Courses in math, art, English, business, speech, and sewing can provide the foundation for a career in fashion. Attending a school or college that focuses on art and costume design are also recommended. To become a fashion designer a formal education and training in fashion design are important. There are courses and associate, bachelor, master degree and certification programs that can teach the basics of beginning a career in fashion design.


Careers in Fashion

People who think about working in the fashion industry are often those who like to sew or design their clothing. Also, there are also many other jobs available in fashion for people who possess an artistic eye and a taste for fashion.


Variety of Careers:


  • Public Relations
  • Fashion Design
  • Product Management
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Performing Arts
  • Fashion Buying

Careers in Fashion Design:


  • Artists and Sketchers (create images)
  • Sewers (production workers sewing by hand or machine)
  • Pattern Makers (make patterns)
  • Pattern Graders (adjust patterns for different sizes)
  • Cutters (cut out patterns or fabrics)
  • Spec and Fit Technicians (produce samples)
  • Assistant Designers (support lead designers)
  • Head Designers (creative decision-makers, supervise staff)
  • Specialty Designers (designer using special production techniques)
  • Trend Researchers (gather fashion trends and submit to designers)
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