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Our kitchen planner will help you design a kitchen to make your house a home. Designing and costing up your kitchen is made as straightforward and stress-free as possible – our kitchen planner tool is just like having your own in-house expert by your side!

At Magnet, we know that households come in all shapes and sizes, and a kitchen should reflect this. Our handy kitchen design tool allows you to build your dream space from a range of standard plans, combined with your own imagination and requirements.

Once you’ve got your plan together, you’ll get a rough quote. Then all you need to do is share this with one of our in-house kitchen designers, and we’ll take care of the technical stuff. Don’t forget to take a look at our excellent offers before you come to your appointment!

Whether you see your kitchen as being a place where the family comes together, or perhaps the best place to be at a party, you can create a space that’s tailor-made for your needs. Bring your ideas to life and create your online kitchen design today.

If you are not ready to plan your kitchen yet, you can use our Kitchen Price Estimator to find out more about what your dream kitchen might cost, or visit your local showroom to view our range of beautiful kitchens.



Start by choosing your kitchen cabinets, as these will be the most prominent feature in the room. If you prefer a kitchen with traditional style, shaker or framed cabinets offer a timeless sense of quality, or for a modern alternative, opt for sleek slab style doors in a fresh matt or chic gloss finish.

The colour of your cabinets is equally important, as this will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. Embrace the trend for bold, dark colours for a show-stopping kitchen, choose lighter tones like dove grey, sky blue and fresh white for a calming feel, or go for a rustic-inspired look with classic wood cabinets. You can also mix and match shades to create a unique look and accent different areas of the kitchen, like pairing bold midnight blue lower cabinets with fresh white upper cabinets, or adding a chevron feature panel.



Once you’ve chosen your cabinets, the next big design decision is which worktops to pair them with. Matching darker cabinets with worktops in lighter shades, like white marble or pale wood, will create a sense of contrast and add balance to the room, and likewise pairing pale cabinet shades with a dark granite worktop will have a similar effect. Alternatively, combining lighter cabinet shades with pale neutral worktops creates a soothing feel and makes compact kitchens feel more spacious. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to picture how these elements combine together into a cohesive look, as Magnet offers a quick kitchen configurator tool to allow you to view many different cabinet and worktop combinations in an instant.



Once you’ve found your perfect pairing, the next step is to choose the smaller design details like splashbacks, flooring and cabinet handles. As these elements are less prominent than worktops and cabinets, they’re a great way to add a subtle hint of your own personal style to really make a kitchen feel like home. Why not head to the ‘My Project’ area of our site to help you visualise and note down the style preferences you’re most inspired by? Here you can create a scrapbook of images, Pinterest pins and screenshots you’d like to factor into your design, save down your favourite Magnet products from across the site or even take our Kitchenality quiz for personally-tailored design inspiration.



The final step in choosing the aesthetics of your new kitchen is deciding on your sink, taps, lighting and appliances. If you’ve opted for metallic tones in your kitchen accessories, it’s a good idea to match materials for your taps and accessories for consistency, such as pairing copper tone cabinet handles with a copper tap. Meanwhile lighting is a great way to shape the mood within your kitchen, from spotlights underneath cabinets to create a soothing soft glow, to using statement pendant lamps as an eye-catching feature in the centre of the room.



Once you’ve decided on the look and feel of your new kitchen, it’s equally important to take practical factors into consideration.

First off, set yourself a realistic budget for what you’re willing to spend in total. Having an overall figure in mind will help you understand which design details are achievable within your price range and prevent overspending down the line.

Next, take out a tape measure and make a note of the dimensions of the room your new kitchen will live in, factoring in any design features that need to be worked around, such as leaving enough space to open cabinet doors.



Get in touch and book a virtual design consultation to start talking to one of our expert kitchen designers. While our stores are closed, our dedicated designers have been set up to work safely from home and can call you to bring your dream kitchen to life - from wherever you are - call it our virtual showroom. If you’ve set up a project online, they will use the information you’ve entered in your online project to help create a 3D visualisation of your new kitchen. Don’t worry if you’ve not created a project though, as you can still book an appointment and our designers will work with you to help you plan your perfect kitchen design.

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