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Roller Disco at Roller Nation

Roller Disco at Roller Nation

About This Event


Roller Disco at Roller Nation, the UK’s premium night club on wheels!


Our purpose built Roller Disco in Tottenham is a great place to let your hair down and enjoy an amazing night out in London with friends and loved ones, energise your hen party, make a Roller date to remember, celebrate your birthday party on wheels or just enjoy an alternative night out at your reunion.


The revival of the Roller Disco craze started in London in 2003, Thursday night was “Roller Disco night” at Bagley’s, the biggest night club in London at the time, and the brainchild of Tony Askew.


Dressing up and masquerading with 4 wheels strapped to each foot, Roller Disco is the ideal opportunity to dress up and have some fun, whether it be 118 118 or Funky Roller Disco Queen you’re sure to have a great night out.


Roller Nation has everything you need for your night out with our licensed bar, diner and a great outdoor space.

Roller Nation Roller Nation Roller Nation

Do you know how skating started, and when Rinking, became so popular? Here's a little history for you about how the fun began….


In 1760 Joseph Merlin exhibited his new skate at a masquerade ball in Soho Square, whilst playing a violin he crashed into a mirror seriously injuring himself, and so it began. Rolitio’s or fixed wheels skates came into existence in 1823 and in 1865 James Leonard Plimpton brought out what is now known as the quad skate, built with bushes and wooded wheels, these skates enabled us to change direction, which gave us the ability to dance on wheels.As the craze of skating in a rink in the early 1900 became very popular through to the 1930’s, the fascination of going out and putting on a pair of skates in fancy dress and wearing bright colours begun.


Roller Skating had a musical revival in the late 1970’s as disco music came to the dance floor and the birth of the modern Roller Disco emerged, bringing big hair, bright clothing and leg warmers to the dance floors along with tracks such as ‘We are family’ and ‘Good times’. The Roller Disco revival was the cause of many re development projects to large spaces, this lead dedicated skating venues to become fewer and fewer as most skating and roller discos to be set up in sports halls.


The popularity of Roller Disco at Bagley’s on a Thursday night grew larger and became known as the UK’s premier night club on wheels, with the ever closer redevelopment of Kings Cross, Roller Disco Moved to the Renaissance Rooms at Vauxhall in London and the UK’s first dedicated night club on wheels, Roller Nation was born.


Roller Disco had become one of Londoners favourite nights out, in 2015 Roller Nation was moved on from its Vauxhall venue, which was undergoing some serious redevelopment with the new American embassy and the need for building development, for this reason the Renaissance Rooms, home of roller nation was closed.


For 3 years Roller Disco was homeless, potential sites hard to find and short leases only on offer, eventually a lease was secured in Bruce Grove, Tottenham and following a 10 month strip out and re build to the ground floor of the Old Bruce Grove cinema, Roller Disco at Roller Nation opened its doors in January 2019.


Roller Nation the UK’s premier night club on wheels is now open every weekend and enjoyed by locals and visitors to London for an alternative night out. So now you know our story come and join us and let the good times roll!

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