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Sirinu at the Old Chapel Court Concerts

Sirinu at the Old Chapel Court Concerts

About This Event

The White Rose of York and the Cross of Burgundy. Music for Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, the White Princess.


About this Event

Bruges in 1468 witnessed the sumptuous wedding celebrations of Margaret of York (sister to Edward IV and Richard III) and Charles the Rash, the last great Duke of Burgundy. For much of the period the houses of York and Burgundy were closely allied, and Edward IV in his years of exile took refuge with his sister Margaret in Burgundy. The Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471 saw Edward regain the throne, and the cultural contracts between Flanders and England strengthened. Margaret’s brilliant court was home to some of the leading English and Flemish composers of the day – among them Dufay, Morton, Hayne and Binchois – and produced two of most influential forms of the time– the Basse Dance and the Burgundian Chanson. With organ, lute, harp and voice, Sirinu present a musical tapestry to illustrate the turbulent years of the 1470s and 80s.




Sara Stowe - soprano, Lewis Spring - alto, Jon Banks - harp, Matthew Spring - gittern and lute


Since their formation in 1992 Sirinu has enjoyed a reputation for lively and entertaining performances of early music. In their programmes they seek out historically interesting moments and make connections with other cultures and musicians. They have made over twenty recordings ranging from medieval cantigas to music from the Stuart courts. The group takes its name from the Andean word for the treacherous water spirits who both inspire and ensnare mortals with the music of their springs and waterfalls.

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