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Something Big's Happening In Piccadilly Circus

Something Big's Happening In Piccadilly Circus

About This Event

At 20 minutes past every hour, something big's happening in Piccadilly Circus. Literally: Europe's largest public screen's been taken over by street artist STIK and his latest installation.


The artwork's a scrolling image of hope and connection, revolving across the Piccadilly screens.


It was created for Young Westminster Foundation as part of their WE ARE TOGETHER fundraising campaign. One in three young people in Westminster are growing up in poverty; the campaign's to help support them during challenging times, and can continue to access youth services during lockdown - y0u can read more and donate here.


STIK has a history of supporting local communities: only authenticating his street pieces for sale when 100% of the profits are going back to the community. This latest fundraising work will help to raise crucial funds for YWF — and hopefully raise the spirits of anybody passing through Piccadilly this week.


The installation runs till the end of this month.



Donate to the Young Westminster Foundation here.

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