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Team Macmillan

Team Macmillan

About This Event

Being part of Team Macmillan will give you just the right amount of support, motivation, and solidarity to keep you going. We're all in this together and we’ll help you reach the finish line, find your personal best, and change the lives of people with cancer. Choose your discipline below and find loads of useful information to get you on your way.

Information, resources, and tools

Whether you want to take on a walk, swim, run, cycle, or triathlon, Team Macmillan will provide you with all the essential information, practical resources, and tools from the experts to help you achieve your fundraising and training goals.

Choose your discipline below to find everything you need.


Contact us

If you have questions about Team Macmillan or any of the events you can take part in, please email or call us on 0300 100 0200


Follow us

You can follow Team Macmillan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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