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The Best London Food Apps

The Best London Food Apps

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In London you can find anything, especially food. But, of course, we are a little bit spoiled for having everything at our fingertips and we want more. Whether demanding our favourite restaurants to deliver us delicious hot food at home or to have our meal at half price we want it all and we want it now! And you know what that means… there is definitely an app for that!

So if you also want to have it all, here’s how to do it.



Deliveroo solves the problems of your favourite restaurants not offering a delivery service. When you order via the app (or website) they will send their own people to the restaurant, pick up your meal and bring it right to your door.



Basically Deliveroo but more. Jinn does not limit itself to food. You can also add beauty, fashion, electronics and more to your order and have that delivered as well. They even have Primark on there, who notoriously do not offer online shopping or delivery options.


Too Good To Go

If you care more about sustainability and value for money and less about convenience this is the app for you. While they don’t offer delivery options, their partner restaurants will offer you any food that has not been sold by the end of lunch time at a better price. This way, you get a lovely meal for cheap and they won’t throw any good food away.



Getting a tastecard allows you to dine in at a variety of restaurants while only paying 50% of the total bill. The app will show you the participating restaurants around you, reviews and their menus. Drinks are usually not included in the offer, but in most cases the card covers the bill of the entire table, so you are also extending this offer to your friends when you all go out for dinner together.

So whether you want good food, cheap food, fast food, and all that with great ease there is an app for that (or four) and we strongly recommend getting them.

And, if you also want some new friends to go out for food with, just get the citysocializer app and find a group of new friends to meet up with.

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