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These Are the Hottest Kids' TV Shows to Watch as a Family This Season

These Are the Hottest Kids' TV Shows to Watch as a Family This Season

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Looking for something entertaining to watch with the little ones? The best new kids' TV shows are here and they're better than ever — and this season of new television even includes some of the greatest throwbacks to everyone's favorites. After all, there's nothing easier to do to keep the children entertained — or to even fill up some of that extra time on your own schedule — than to sit back on the couch, cue up your favorite channel, and then throw on a couple of episodes of a family-friendly show on the TV. And now, thanks to streaming services like Disney+ and Apple TV, it's easier than ever to quickly find the best family-friendly shows at your disposal, so you're never stuck fumbling for something your kids can watch. (And you can always consult our opinions on the best shows on Netflix for little kids or older tweens, too).

If you’re in the mood for series debuts and new episodes from old faves, here are some exciting new premieres of all the greatest children's and family TV shows that are available — or will be available soon — on various networks and streaming services. Whether you’ve got big kids or preschoolers, superhero fans or inquisitive minds, there’s something for everybody — and even if you're not a big fan of binge-watching with your kid, you can always check out one of the best kids’ movies of all-time. And remember: Even if you’re all staring silently at a screen together, it still counts as family bonding.


Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

From DreamWorks Animation comes a new fantastical adventure series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, which tells the story of a young girl named Kipo as she's undertakes an exciting adventure on a post-apocalyptic Earth.


Diary of a Future President

This newly-premiered series on Disney+ follows a young girl's journey through middle school — and her path to become the future president of the United States.


Clifford the Big Red Dog

It's time to gear up for more adventures with everyone's favorite Big Red Dog, as Emily Elizabeth and her dog Clifford are returning for Season 1B in early February — complete with a new cast of characters and brand-new original songs.


Little House on the Prairie

All nine seasons of the beloved '70s show are available on Amazon Prime. Set in the 1800s, Little House on the Prairie follows the Ingalls family and their life on farm in a small town in Minnesota.


The Owl House

Prepare for magic and adventure with this new animated fantasy-comedy series from Disney Channel, which follows a teenage girl named Luz who stumbles upon a portal to a magical realm.


Fast & Furious Spy Racers

Kids can now join in on the race car craze with this animated TV series based on the Fast & Furious film franchise, which follows teenager Tony Toretto as he's recruited by a government agency to infiltrate a criminal street racing circuit.


Go! Go! Cory Carson

Buckle up for Netflix's new preschool show based on the hit toy line, which features adorable kid car Cory Carson as he explores the roads of Bumperton Hills — and has many adventures along the way.


The Healing Powers of Dude

Another new family-friendly TV show on Netflix is this heartwarming sitcom about an 11-year-old boy with social anxiety disorder, who turns to a lovable emotional support dog named Dude for help when he starts middle school.



This new animated preschool series on Universal Kids features two parakeet siblings, Ace and Polly, as they embark on heroic superhero adventures to save their city.

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