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This Sunset Eye Makeup Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Summer Blues

This Sunset Eye Makeup Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Summer Blues

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I don't know about you but I'm seriously struggling to come to terms with the fact summer is done for another year when it barely even arrived. But one thing that never fails to lift our spirits is makeup - and this one's a doozy. Grab your palettes and brushes and be ready to take notes because this sunset look may just be the greatest make-up artistry we've ever laid eyes on.

With our holidays now a distant memory and winter just around the corner; as we stare out of the office window and see darkness and drizzle, we're seriously pining for those lazy days and hazy nights of summer like never before.

But quit crying into the foam of your pumpkin spiced latte because we've got just the cure for those summer blues, and it lies in the beautiful medium of makeup. The rain might be pouring outside but the sun is definitely shining on Instagram thanks to this talented MUA.

Luna Fortun, an insanely talented makeup artist from Miami, has created a dreamy sunset design so realistic we're still not convinced she hasn't stuck two photographs on her lids and fooled us all.

I KNOW. But this is no camera trickery people, her makeup game really is this strong as she proved when she bought us lit neon makeup so there's no questioning her talent.

Her followers are equally as mesmerised by her work, flooding the post with appreciative comments, including: "THIS IS AMAZING HOLY CRAP" and "Girl this is so freaking amazing, you are insanely talented. I am so impressed with your creativity, keep putting out fab works of art like this!"

We couldn't agree more!

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