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What’s Patreon?

What’s Patreon?

About This Event

On Patreon, you can let your fans become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership. You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom to do your best work, and the stability you need to build an independent creative career.


Develop a recurring income stream


Stop rolling the dice of ad revenue and per-stream payouts. Get recurring income through monthly payments from your patrons.


Take back creative control


Create what you want and what your audience loves. You don’t have to conform to popular taste or the constraints of ad-based monetization models.


Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience


No ads, no trolls, no algorithms. Enjoy direct access and deeper conversations with the people who matter the most.


Who uses Patreon?


If you’re ready to take your work to the next level and willing to open your heart to your audience, Patreon is for you.

  • Podcasters
  • Video Creators
  • Musicians
  • Visual Artists
  • Communities
  • Writers & Journalists
  • Gaming Creators
  • Nonprofits


It’s easier than you think

There are many ways to delight your fans and every creator can find their own. Choose a few of the ideas below, or invent new ones.

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